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About Link2Aff.com

What is Link2Aff.com?
Link2Aff.com is a service that could automatically transform any link that could possibly be an affiliate link to the actual affiliate link.

Who needs it?
Every webmaster could take an advantage of this service.

If you are running a forum - users are always exchanging links to some stores. This links could become your affiliate links automatically and you will make commissions from the sales through your site and your visitors wonít notice it because itís absolutely transparent.

If you are running a blog - and you want to tell your readers about a new product or about an insane deal you saw somewhere. Traditionally to monetize that link you need to discover what affiliate network is serving that store, login to this network, generate your link, cloak this link with some plug-in and then place it to your post. That takes a lot of time. With Link2Aff.com you can just simply post the original link to your post. It will automatically become your affiliate link.

If you have any site in any niche you can monetize it much easier. You can concentrate on adding new content and running promotion campains and link2aff.com will take care of transforming any links you or your visitors post to your affiliate links.

Is it really can transform any link?
Well, link to google.com could not be transformed because this site doesnít have an affiliate program. Any link that pointing to the store or site that does have an affiliate program could be transformed.

What if this link is already someoneís affiliate link?
It doesnít matter if this link is cloaked or it already has affiliate information from somebody else. It will be transformed to your affiliate link. See demo for several examples.

Is it easy to use?
There are two simple ways to use this service:

1. aka "Simplest way" - you don't need anything to install
Just add http://link2aff.com/go/YourID/ or http://gd.is/go/YourID/ before any link.
Uor example you need to post a link to some product (http://www.shoes.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=EC1110862) and your system ID is 1:
Your link will be: http://link2aff.com/go/1/http://www.shoes.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=EC1110862

2. aka "Better looking way" - you need to install our small helper script.
If put our helper script in the /go/ folder then just post http://YourSiteURL.com/go/http://www.shoes.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=EC1110862

Do I need to be in an affiliate relationship with those stores to get money?
Yes, of course. You need to be approved by every store that you are placing links for. When you log in to your account at link2aff.com you will be able to specify what stores you have as your partners, so only links for this stores will be transformed for you.

Sounds great, how can try it? Is it free to use?
Demo will be available in the next couple days. We will start taking beta testers somewhere in August and it will be open for everyone on October 1st 2010. There is going to be a free (4th click) option and couple commercial subscribtion plans for people who likes to be in full control.

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